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"Drivus brings better services"

Drivus App is available in Playstore. You can find "Drivus" driver hiring app on Google Playstore (For your Android phone) just by searching "Drivus" on Playstore, it will appear for download. We invite you to download our "Drivus App" from Playstore and register yourself to avail the services of excellent drivers at low cost whenever you need 24x7

About ourselves: First and foremost, Drivus can help you pursue and obtain more travel opportunities. These days, our pattern of work people to people communication and travel has changed a lot where you need a reliable travel partner who provides good and well behaved professional drivers. Travelling with a badly trained driver can ruin your journey and drivus keeps utmost care of this and provide you the kind of driver you need for your travel.

Drivers charges are very reasonable and low, present in the App and are calculated on the basis of hours of booking or travel distance. Download the "Drivus App" to check the benefits of booking

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You Should Choose Drivus For

  • Excellent & Safe Driving
  • Personal Care
  • Good Manners
  • Multi Lingual

Driving Methodology

  • Standard behaviour
  • Supportive to customers
  • Special attention & care

Online Driver hiring through "Drivus" App


  • Thousands of people already started hiring drivers from "Drivus App" in Kolkata and availing the services of well mannered good drivers.
  • Drivus strictly checks backgrounds of every driver who comes to join Drivus App and ensures only best are to be selected.
  • Drivus gives special training to the drivers who joins the Drivus App for manners and safe driving instructions...
  • We from Drivus team invite you to download our "Drivus App" from Playstore and be our esteemed customer.

Few of the Testimonials

Zainab - Class 8, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Fort William.

During my examination I was in deep trouble when my usual driver didn't came/reported to duty, I was in deep worry when my father came to know from his friends about "Drivus" and booked a driver for that day. Since then whenever we need a driver we hire from Drivus. We don't have a regular driver anymore. Our regular driver is now "Drivus App"

Mahesh Jha

I started availing drivers through "Drivus App" since few months back when I first ordered a driver from Drivus. I am deeply satisfied with the quality of drivers, their behaviour and manners. Now I often book driver through "Drivus App" whenever I have any official meeting or family outing


During the time of Coronavirus, I was looking for a dedicated driver service to take me and my friends for weekend outing. I prefer hiring driver from "Drivus App" than other driver centres coz drivers who come from Drivus are well mannered and follows the pandemic rules, they carry sanitisers and wears mask always, also they go through regular checkups at their centre for safety